I’m Steve Udell, a storytelling photographer.
I’m inspired by the magic of the “story” that informs a given event. I’ve worked my entire life perfecting my ability to convey personal stories through photographs by capturing the enchanted moment.
My specialty is weddings, and I’ve also memorialized a broad range of life passages for many satisfied clients.
Transformative experiences invariably generate matchless tales that long to be fully conveyed, but seldom are. After years of experience, I’ve learned to sense such emerging personal narratives and bring them into complete and ideal focus. My lifelong career in graphic arts has made me a detail-oriented perfectionist. This ensures, for example, that each camera angle is thoughtfully considered and correctly placed. But the ultimate success of any photo shoot lies in capturing its subjects’ most natural expressions and attitudes. So, despite my inclination for deep preparation and set-up, I’ve learned to keep my ready eye peeled for each spontaneous moment. After all, “Art is in love with luck, and luck with art.”Three decades of satisfied customers have confirmed my reputation as a courteous, respectful and trustworthy chronicler of personal experience.
I’m Steve Udell, your storytelling photographer.